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About the organization

BBJProjeK was founded by Gabriel Howard and Sergio Fernández in late 2019. It started as a placeholder and software development organization incorporating a whole infrastructure for developers and designers to have a common place.

In the first place, the organization had focused manily in Android development (with Android 9 to 11) with projects such as ElementOS but eventually turned in a multi-platform cabinet with projects such as tools for Windows and iOS apps development.

BBJProjeK is currently just a placeholder for miscellaneous projects and innovation, based in Getafe, Madrid.


BBJProjeK, as an organization, doesn’t offer any product or service. Everything we do as an organization is completely open source and free.

We usually make designs for some business and companies, but again, completely free and without warranty. We make things in the organization as a hobby.


Here are certain some notorious projects we did in the past years.

As said before, we made some branding and designs for other companies and local shops:

coding dev illustration

Tech Stack

If you would like to join our amazing family, you can conctact us at Or you may prefer just chat with us at our Telegram chat: BBJProjeK The Authority (high unit variance).