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Announcing a new rebranding of BBJProjeK

Published: at 09:00 AM
BBJProjeK New and Old Logo BBJProjeK New and Old Logo

Welcome back, reader!

We have been thinking for several months about a new rebranding of our organization. This fresh identity encapsulates the essence of what we stand for and what we aim to achieve.

Our brand now reflects our mission, values, and commitment to excellence in a succinct and impactful manner. Stay tuned for the exciting journey ahead…

A New Rebranding

Within a few days, we’re gonna update several products as well as our social media to fix our new brand guidelines. The brand guidelines document will be available for everyone in the next few weeks too.

We keep our corporate color scheme: Pantone 7686C as our default color, and Pantone 284C for dark envs (like this website if you’re visiting it in dark mode).

Our new default corporate font is Source Serif 4, a font by Adobe. We are keeping our Lato as an alternative typography. The font Sagona, introduced in the branding update v2b will still be used for several existing projects. Note that our logotype “the bbjprojek organization” uses DM Sans for its recreation, font that is also used on our projects.

You can see our recently updated brand identity guidelines from May 2024 here: BB-BG-23III-01.pdf

We also started refactoring and rewriting most of our services and tasks in our Lapiacery Infrascturure (no, it’s not dead yet) and combining multiple connected services into making everything integrated rather than shaped in a microservices nightmare. You can download our current brand identity guideline of Lapiacery here: LP-BG-23III-00.pdf.

BBJProjeK Branding V3a BBJProjeK Branding V3a

A box, a place, a placeholder… A cube. As simple as that, our organization is just a tiny placeholder, a box for our personal projects. A tiny box that hides a lot of projects and potential.

Our new logo, the cube, symbolizes this essence perfectly. It represents the limitless possibilities contained within our organization, waiting to be explored and unleashed. Just like a Rubik’s cube, our endeavors may seem complex at first, but with the right strategy and determination, we can unlock endless solutions and innovations.

New Stuff is Coming Up

We’re working on new projects and proposing new ideas for the future of the organization.

If you’re not subscribed to our pipermail, you are probably missing out a lot of our stuff we are actually making. You can request a guest or member email or even subscribe to some bbjprojek announcements at our mail infrastructure website.

As a reminder to new users, we have recently launched a bunch of Radio Stations available for listening as an FM radio or even as a Spotify playlist (you can follow us there ;D ). From mainstream music to most indie and alternative themes.

So if you don’t want to miss out on any project, you better subscribe to the pipermail ;).


If you still have questions or doubts about the new branding or if you are trying to represent and/or use our brand image in your projects, you can reach us at The branding guidelines document will be available soon too. We will contact you back when we have it finished and polished.

Thanks to all the organization members as well as our sub-communities and external members attached to our company. Also, a reminder that BBJProjeK wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Dean Jenson, our former COO.

Love from the team <3

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