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Deploying our first introduction website

Published: at 04:55 PM

Hey there, my friend!

We just deployed this new frontend website for our main domain ( Although there is nothing really useful here, we just wanted to use it as a way of introduction for other people to know more about our organization.

Building portfolio


We’ve been always thinking about launching our introduction website but we never did. The main domain page ( was being redirected to our documentation webpage, until today… :D

We’ve done several stuff for our internal infrastructure but never “for the world”. Not a blog, not a wiki page, just an introduction page, and it’s finally here

This is not a blog

Fyi, this is not a blog but a place to hold some useful and important information.

We have several ways to communicate public things in the organization;

Get to know us

You could check our “about us” page where we explain in a nuthsell what we do in the organization.

You can chat with us in our public Telegram group where we are usually chatting about Android development, losing brain cells with kernels, dealing with dependences and having some fun talking about life.

So if you want to have a virtual beer with us, don’t hesitate to join the group: BBJProjeK The Authority (high unit variance).